Camphill School, Glencraig

Our Pupils

Children and young people access and process the world through multiple intelligences and multiple learning styles and preferences.

Addressing the whole person across these different capacities and supporting the pupil to find a balance in theses capacities, is a truly holistic approach

Camphill Approaches

Hands, Heart and Head

Practical Skills strengthen the will and intention, leading to increased independence.

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Nurturing Positive Behaviour

Positive Behavioural Support is globally recognised as an evidence based, effective and ethical way of supporting people with learning disabilities who are at risk of or are experiencing behaviour of concern. This model is a values based one which enriches and complements the Camphill model.

Camphill Curriculum

The Waldorf curriculum is broad, engaging and accessible at multiple levels, providing content designed to support the holistic development of each pupil in three broad areas:

creativity, cognition and the execution of meaningful activity.

The choice of content is bespoke to the needs and circumstances and the stage of development of each individual pupil.

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Personal Teaching and Learning

Within the Camphill school, the teaching body work collaboratively to provide a truly individualised offering to our children and young people based on close observation of the pupil, their needs and how they communicate those needs.

Person Centered Planning

A flexible, strengths’ based approach, taking the child or young person’s individual needs as the starting point, is the most effective in supporting our pupils to gradually develop the skills to access what they need to learn and develop.

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Camphill School life

School Life

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Our Staff

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Pastoral Care and Support, Safeguarding and Child Protection

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