Adult's Residential


Find out more about our adult residential homes

We have 13 adult residential homes which are registered for  up to 55 adults spread across our 100 acre site.  Our adults live in a small house communities ranging in size and can accommodate 1 to 7 residents dependent on the house.

We create and maintain a homely and comfortable environment for our residents within a community based setting.  Adults have private rooms which are personalised to their own tastes and participate in shared meals and community activities.


Each adult home strives to meet each individual resident’s physical, spiritual, psychological, social, cultural, and healthcare needs in a caring, supporting environment.

To help each individual reach their Potential we follow the Camphill Approach which acknowledges the importance of creating a balance between the head (theory, concepts and reflective practice), heart (using one’s personality, positive attitude, and building authentic meaningful relationships) and the hands (using physical and creative activities).

Treating our environment in a respectful and sustainable manner has always been intrinsic within the Camphill Approach.


Here in Glencraig we recognise the importance of nutrition and healthy eating. Meals are planned to ensure that residents have a balanced and varied diet, while respecting their choices and preferences. 

Here in Glencraig, we are fortunate to have delicious, fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables grown in the organic gardens on-site, and delivered to our home.