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Craigmichael Children’s Home benefits from a modern, spacious and recently refurbished interior, and a beautiful garden with a swing, trampoline, flowers and herbs.

Our approach is holistic and treating our eco system with respect is integral to our overall ethos.

Here in Craigmichael, we strive to maintain a homely and comfortable environment for our residents, which instills a sense of security and belonging. The house is a constantly evolving space, and visitors are often struck by the colourful interior and personal touches; things which we take great pride in. The team are committed to creating a clean, safe and happy environment which meets the needs of our individual residents to the highest possible standard. Staff training is tailored to the individual needs of the residents and we always seek to create a positive and supportive working environment whereby everyone feels valued and listened to; we believe that this is essential for team morale and for achieving positive outcomes for residents.


We are dedicated and have a strong desire to support and improve life chances for children with a learning disability and/or Autism. Craigmichael Children’s Home strives to meet each child’s physical, spiritual, psychological, social, cultural, and healthcare needs in a caring, supporting environment. 

To this end, we employ a Positive Behavioural Support therapeutic model.  PBS aims to enhance quality of life as both an intervention and outcome for people who display behaviour that challenges and those who support them.

We also aspire to follow holistic Social Pedagogy practice which acknowledges the importance of creating a balance between the head (theory, concepts and reflective practice), heart (using one’s personality, positive attitude, and building authentic meaningful relationships) and the hands (using physical and creative activities).



Here in Craigmichael, we recognise the importance of nutrition and healthy eating. Meals are planned to ensure that residents have a balanced and varied diet, while respecting their choices and preferences.

We use choice boards for snacks and evening meals, and we are always keen to introduce new foods to afford our residents opportunities to experience new tastes and textures.

We are fortunate to have delicious, fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables grown in the organic gardens on-site, and delivered to our home.