About Us

"Some of the most ordinary things in life provide us with our most profound experiences of meaning and wellbeing" Maria Lyons


Camphill is a world-wide movement dedicated to building communities where everyone can find purpose and belonging.

The first Camphill community was founded in Aberdeen in 1939 by a group of refugees led by Dr Karl Konig, an Austrian paediatrician. Inspired by the ideas of Rudolf Steiner they found their purpose living and working with children with learning disabilities. At that time people with learning disabilities were excluded from education and many other dimensions of society. Camphill took the opposite approach and created communities where the individuality and potential of even profoundly challenged children was developed.  Glencraig was the second Camphill Community established in 1954.

There are now more than 100 Camphill communities in over 20 countries in Europe, North America, Southern Africa and Asia. They provide opportunities for children, young people and adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs to live, learn and work together with others in an atmosphere of mutual respect and equality.

In addition to caring for each other, those who make their lives at our Camphill centres care for the land and the environment around them, and where possible, by following organic and biodynamic principles in their gardens and on their farms

Head Heart and Hands

Our approach is person-centred and can be described as education in the broadest sense. We focus on the individuals unique abilities and personality and encourage the ongoing development of the whole person – their physical, emotional, intellectual and social well-being. We believe that this experience is inclusive and that we also benefit in our own development as a person from this type of approach.

Our approach is holistic and treating our eco system with respect is integral to our overall ethos.

Our Values - POTENTIAL

Our main priority is to support the well-being of those in our care at every opportunity. With a POSITIVE approach to life and work, we enable everyone to lead happy and fulfilled lives. We are prepared to take appropriate positive risks to support each individual to reach their potential.

Our Senior Management Team

Corporate Services

"Glencraig is a fantastic charity that is making a significant difference in the lives of each valued member of our community. I am so proud of our team."

Paul Betts


"Being able to help the Charity thrive and achieve financial sustainability has been rewarding".

Janine Clarke

Financial Controller

"Being able to help the Charity thrive and achieve so much has been rewarding".

Michael Smyth

Facilities Manager

"It has been wonderful to be able to help the Charity grow and develop in a changing and challenging environment."

Genevieve McCready

HR Manager


"I think the most moving thing for me is seeing how our residents and day attendees have adapted and adjusted to everything that has happened in the last 18 months and how our staff and volunteers have risen to the challenge."

Fiona Robinson

Head of Social Care

"Being able to provide informed care packages to enable our residents to meet their full potential has been rewarding."

Ellen McVeigh

Registered Manager, Adult Residential Services

"It has been so rewarding to see our pupils who struggle with social connections, finding them and making them."

Patricia McIlhone

Head of Education

"I have been inspired by people's unique abilities, strengths and potential."

Anna Picmanova

Registered Manager, Day Services

"I have found it so rewarding to enable a young person to reduce self-injurious behaviours through a consistent bespoke team approach."

Suzanne Gillespie

Acting Registered Manager, Children's Residential

Our Management Council

Management Council

Glencraig is governed by a Management Council comprised of 9 trustees, These trustees come from a varied and relevant range of work and voluntary backgrounds and bring a range of skills and expertise to the governance and management of Glencraig.

  • Brett Lockhart