Day Services

Day Services

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Within Day Services we offer meaningful day activities which focus on the development of social skills enabling everyone to interact and work together in a positive way. As well as recognising and working towards the potential of each individual through respect, dignity, equality, integrity and a wide range of learning opportunities supported by the organisation values.

Day Care

Our Day Care Services offer a variety of activities which provide meaningful work for individuals with learning disabilities and complex needs based on their unique interests and skills. A variety of activities are provided, enhancing the development of individual and social skills: Pottery, Catering, Circus skills, Swimming, Horse riding, Beach walks, Outings, Gardening, Recycling, Sensory Art.

Circus Skills

Partnership with Streetwise Circus has been established over the past 3 years. Many adults avail of Circus workshops in Glencraig and some join additional evening classes in Belfast. We have participated in annual shows and some of us have taken part in the Bounce annual Arts Festival which has been a great success. The Circus Street Wise have chosen us for the second year as their funding partnership organisation which is a very positive news and helps Glencraig to establish greater links with the wider community.

AQA Award Scheme

We work closely with the Assessment and Qualification Alliance (AQA) as a respected national examination board. AQAs are embedded in our activities allowing individuals to work towards achievements and recognition.

Day Opportunities

The workshops provide meaningful activities through seasonal crafts and work processes that are underpinned by the organisation’s values, vision and a mission focusing on maximising the potential of each individual through learning new skills, developmental opportunities and horticulture therapy.


The farm operates as a social care workshop providing therapeutic/meaningful work for the adults within our care. As part of the farm we co-ordinate the overall environment of the estate and its upkeep, environmental projects and the Market Garden, as well as supplying produce, particularly organic beef, to the community.

Estate Team/Horticulture

Taking part in structured gardening activities offers the opportunity to improve many skills. Spending time outdoors contributes to individual’s well-being and health in a very positive way. In the Estate Areas the Team continues to maintain flowerbeds, tidy up paths, weeding, planting, mulching and mowing lawns. Furthermore the Estate Team helps bagging logs of fire wood for the community to use and sell as well as additional activities such as apple juicing.

The Laundry Team

During the last year we have put in a lot of work towards AQA’s with subjects ranging from ball skills, laundry care, discovering objects, telephone skills and others. We have supported our adults to attend other classes including, Eurythmy and literacy during their working hours. We collectively designed a laundry logo for our hoodies. We all picked designs and voted for our favourites and altered it until we were all happy with the final design. Healthy tea breaks are important with fruit each day.

Arts and Crafts

The Arts & Crafts Workshop uses natural materials to create seasonal projects + products with both residents and day attendees. We make decorations for the Community’s festivals and celebrations whilst maintaining a warm and therapeutic atmosphere within the workshop. Activities include embroidery, painting, card making, weaving, mobile making and a little woodwork.