The Camphill School, Glencraig offers a holistic approach to education through social pedagogy. Our school provides placements for both day and residential pupils. The Camphill approach, which we follow, interweaves life, the development of skills, work, cultural activities and meaningful social relationships into a coherent rhythm which enables each child or young person to engage with others, take responsibility, change, grow and develop. The school follows the Waldorf curriculum, which is found in all Camphill and Steiner Schools, but also takes account of the programmes of study and attainment targets set out in the Northern Ireland curriculum. 

The Waldorf curriculum is broad, engaging and accessible, setting out content designed to support the holistic development of each pupil in three broad areas: creativity, cognition and the execution of meaningful activity, the overall emphasis being on the circumstances and stage of life of the individual pupil. 

We believe that the Camphill approach offers the most successful pathway to achieving the highest level of independence and a fulfilling life for our young people.

We have high expectations of our pupils and all who work with them.

The Northern Ireland curriculum's programmes of study and attainment targets help pupils to develop their skills at their own level of ability while providing an assessment framework which enables their achivements to be recognised in the wider world. All pupils can have their achievements recognised formally through the AQA Unit Award Scheme. 

Last year, pupils achieved our highest ever number of awards.

We believe that education must be for life, that all young people should be helped to develop as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors and that we need to be creative and flexible in finding ways of making learning meaningful and accessible to all our young people.