Learning Disability Week 2023

1.3 billion people globally live with a disability, and for this year’s Learning Disability Week 2023 (19th-25th June 2023) people across the world have been celebrating and raising awareness of what it is to be disabled nowadays.

What is Learning Disability Week 2023 all about?

This year the focus was on helping to bust myths about living life with a learning disability – wanting to show that people with a learning disability can:
• Get a job
• Have a relationship
• Learn new things
• Show the public things that they can do, are good at, or are proud of

They want people with a learning disability to help dispel these myths!

How did we raise awareness?

At Glencraig, we were delighted to come together to create a music video: we’re taking a stand and saying This is Me. It is with extreme pride and happiness that we share with you our most recent project in recognition of Learning Disability Week.

"This is Me" - From the Greatest Showman with our Makaton music video!
Performed by the Kintyre House team.

Please click on the link here or on the image below to watch the full video.

Why not share our achievement and the tremendous talents on show here and let the world know what our Glenacraig community has accomplished?


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