Northern Ireland Apprenticeship Week

NI Apprenticeship Week

As well as developing key skills, apprentices are able to build their own self confidence and experience base while allowing the residents at Glencraig to benefit from their time

7-day Joyful Leadership Training Course, Glencraig

Joyful Leadership in Northern Ireland

Leadership is an integral part in the success of an organisation and it is important to consider how we can inspire current and future leadership in our strive for continual improvement and development within our communities.

Joyful Leadership Workshop and Training Event

Camphill Community Glencraig hosted the Joyful Leadership Workshop and Training Event on Monday 7th October 2019.   The event was a great success and we are looking forward to implementing the Joyful Leadership approach within Glencraig. What is Joyful Leadership? The Joyful Leadership concept was carefully developed by an international team of experts who poured their decades […]