7-day Joyful Leadership Training Course, Glencraig

Joyful Leadership in Northern Ireland

"I was part of a group of amazing young leaders from 16 different countries, all curious and eager to learn and improve their leadership skills" ~ Kristina

Leadership is an integral part in the success of an organisation and it is important to consider how we can inspire current and future leadership in our strive for continual improvement and development within our communities. Finding creative and ground-breaking approaches will help us carve the way for successful leadership and connecting with other organisations to share ideas will help us achieve our common goals and discover our potential.

What is ‘Joyful’ Leadership?

Joyful Leadership is the process of influencing others with joy in accomplishing shared goals for the benefit of all. The Joyful Leader is the leader whose foremost motivation is to care about the people he/she has an influence on - meaning that they feel privileged to lead and serve as a leader.
It is an approach that sparks interest from around the world. In spring of 2019, three Glencraig co-workers attended a 7-day training programme in Croatia. The experience was life-changing – a shared passion for new ideas and inspirational ways to improve leadership were found. Motivated and excited for the future, this inspired Martin Schwarz who, together with a team from Glencraig, hosted the joyful leadership training programme in Northern Ireland.

The Training Course in Northern Ireland

In September 2022 Glencraig was privileged to host a total of 36 leaders and aspiring leaders from 16 different nationalities in Lorne House, a venue near by. The partner countries were Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Italy and North Macedonia. Four Leadership experts guided the participants for the 7-day training alongside the dedicated Glencraig organising team. The course was set out to give the participants first-hand experience of what it means to be a good leader.

The project objectives were to:

  1. Strengthen capacity and professional skills in the field of leadership so individuals can become better leaders in their organisations.
  2. Promote the concept of Joyful Leadership and its benefits for leaders.
  3. Increase the partners' capacity to implement leadership education and widen their recognition in the field.

Being part of the global Camphill Movement offers opportunities for sharing the fruits of Joyful Leadership more widely and to encourage other organisations in the Camphill network to make use of this wonderful resource.

Glencraig produced a beautiful six minute project video which you can view by clicking here.

You can read a full article about the Joyful Leadership conference, written by Martin Schwarz by clicking here.

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