What do Volunteers do?

Local and non-local volunteers are welcomed.  If you choose to join us as a residential volunteer co-worker ,you’ll live and work with other people in one of 7 houses in the adult community. You will help out with any aspects of our shared life such as domestic tasks and personal care/support of our residents.  Volunteers join one of our workshops during weekdays and are part of a house community for the rest of your time. It is best that you have a basic level of spoken English but coming to Glencraig is a great opportunity to improve it!

How long can I Volunteer for?

12 months would be great but if not, then a shorter stay is possible, however we don’t usually have vacancies for less than 3 months – except for the summer when we often accommodate students for between 4 and 6 weeks.  Those who join us for summer work in the garden and the estates but are not responsible for any social care

What if I don’t have any experience to work with people with disability?

Don’t worry! The community will provide necessary trainings and courses. What you need is your openness and interest in this field of work. You’ll gain the basic knowledge to work with people as well as the philosophy based on Anthroposophy. You’ll also be given certificates for your achievements.

How’s my social life as a co-worker?

International volunteers come every year. Many of them are young people taking a gap year to have some unique experiences. You’ll have a chance to meet new friends and make new connections!        Remember - using your own initiative and being creative is important!

I want to apply as a volunteer! What do I do?

You don't need to use any agency, you can contact us directly with Glencraig Recruitment Group: