Mission & Values

Our Mission:

Camphill Community Glencraig is a person-centred, therapeutic community where children and adults with learning disabilities can live a meaningful life and develop to their full potential through a holistic creative approach. We offer choice and purpose within a sustainable nurturing environment whilst working in close partnership with families and key stake holders in Northern Ireland.


Our Vision:

We have a vision of the world where children and adults, irrespective of ability, can live, learn and work together in a caring community, where positive life experiences within a natural and culturally rich environment, enable each individual to reach their destiny.

Our Values:

P ositivity

O pportunity

T ransparency

E quality

N ature

T herapeutic

I nclusivity

A ccountability

L ife-Long Learning





Our main priority is to support the well-being of those in our care at every opportunity. With a POSITIVE approach to life and work, we enable everyone to lead happy and fulfilled lives. We are prepared to take appropriate positive risks to support each individual to reach their potential.


We create diverse OPPORTUNITIES for all who live, learn and work within Glencraig, to develop creative and meaningful life skills, healthy social relationships and to experience a holistic approach to community life.


We embed TRANSPARENCY within our professional model of practice and funding. We actively encourage good transparent governance and standards in our community, seeking continuous improvement.


In realising the EQUALITY and uniqueness of each individual, we go beyond appreciating and understanding the abilities of those in our care. By recognising their unique individuality and contribution, we focus on developing positive relationships through an inclusive team, where everyone is valued and empowered.


We are inspired and committed to creating a conscious life style. We are actively involved in reducing our environmental impact through caring for our land in an organic way that is respectful and sustainable whilst using our natural resources responsibly. This allows everyone to grow by engaging with NATURE, in a way that supports development and well-being, in a nurturing environment.


We are committed to creating a THERAPEUTIC environment where children, young people and adults are supported and cared for through a holistic person-centred approach that integrates home life, education and work. This is realised through connecting to natural rhythms which advance health and well-being. This approach meets the needs of each individual, creating a sense of belonging in the world and the confidence and independence to be participants in it.


We create an INCLUSIVE, diverse community in which each member is accepted, appreciated and included. We are also committed to engaging with the wider community to promote cultural and creative opportunities, as well as innovative projects.


Accountability is important to us and we hold ourselves individually and collectively ACCOUNTABLE for everything we speak and do. We are especially accountable for the quality of life offered to the children, young people and adults we carry responsibility for. Their best interests and wellbeing are always our first priority.

Life-Long Learning

We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a life sharing community, in which people from different backgrounds and abilities can live, learn, work and celebrate together in a homely, welcoming and peaceful environment. By being open to learning from each other, we promote diverse opportunities of LIFE-LONG LEARNING for each person who is part of Camphill Community Glencraig.