Home Life

In Glencraig we know about the sense of security and belonging that is generated through a nurturing family life. Our community is composed of households that offer people a set of close, dependable relationships. This gives them the confidence they need to explore the wider environment, tap into their creativity and make a contribution to the wider community.

The house-communities in Glencraig vary in size and make-up, ranging in number from one to eight residents who are supported by both employed and volunteer staff in a life-sharing environment. The emphasis is on creating a warm , cosy atmosphere and providing a safe and secure home for everyone.

Everybody makes a contribution to caring for their home by helping with cooking and cleaning, and sharing in all aspects of daily life. Fresh produce from the farm and garden provide the main ingredients for healthy and nutritious meals.

It’s important that each person is enabled to express their own individuality, especially in their own room.

Celebration is a large part of community-life, and this is also so in the house-communities. Occasions like birthdays, farewells, and seasonal festivals are enjoyed together at home by preparing special meals and decorating the house, friends, family and visitors are welcomed to join the party!