Management Council

Glencraig is governed by a Management Council comprised of eight trustees, These trustees come from a varied and relevant range of work and voluntary backgrounds and bring a range of skills and expertise to the governance and management of Glencraig. There is an AGM held every year and a copy of our most recent annual report is posted on the News section of the website.

In addition to this Glencraig has an employed registered manager, an Operational Mangement Team consisting of Senior Managers and a number of operational groups to oversea the smooth running of the Community.

Registration and Inspection

Glencraig provides residential care and is registered with the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority as a Residential Care provider. As part of this registration Glencraig is inspected, on an unannounced basis, once a year. Our inspection reports can be viewed on the RQIA website (

Glencraig receives funding from the Education Authority for a selection of day pupils whom attend our Special School. 

Glencraig receives funding from Health and Social Care Trusts for the residential care and day opportunities for people with learning disabilities. As part of this contractual arrangement there are ongoing contract meetings, reviews and inspections. To date all of these inspections processes have had positive outcomes. Each person with a learning disability, placed within Glencraig, will have an allocated Case Manager from one of the Community Learning Disability Teams. This means that there is always someone independent of the community to contact if there are any issues or concerns.

Policies and Procedures

Glencraig has a comprehensive framework of policies and procedures to guide the practice of the co-workers and employees. This includes adhering to the regional Safeguarding Policies and procedures (Adult Safeguarding: Prevention and Protection in Partnership 2015). The Safeguarding Champion for Glencraig is the Deputy Residential Manager, Deborah Rice.

Every employee and long term Community member is registered with the Northern Ireland Social Care Council. This is the professional body that governs the individual practice of people who are employed or volunteer in the health and social care sector.